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Special Problems for Subsidized and Public Housing Tenants

Special Problems for Subsidized and Public Housing Tenants

Most of the Maryland guidelines regulating landlord and tenant relations in independently owned rentals also affect those living in and renting units which can be considered area 8, HUD, or public. Nonetheless, there are numerous added protections that just use to section 8, HUD, and housing that is public. The tips that are following assist you to navigate a number of these added safeguards.

Topics with this web page

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  • Before You Rent
  • Leases, Exceptions, and Prohibited Clauses
  • Lease
  • Landlord Responsibilities
  • Security and Repairs
  • Criminal Activity and Disturbances
  • Evictions and Lockouts
  • Closing the Lease

Before You Rent

What’s the application process for subsidized and assisted housing programs?

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All subsidized and assisted housing that is low-income (like general public housing, HUD housing, and area 8 housing) are open only to folks of restricted income, even though the exact limits differ. Many housing programs are for families with children or people in a single-person family units who are elderly, handicapped or happen forced to maneuver by government action or a catastrophe.